Video: What to watch for on the campaign trail -

Video: What to watch for on the campaign trail

Is the change wave really red—and can Mulcair turn around his polling numbers?


Culture wars, the change wave, an Orange crash—and Thanksgiving decision-making.  Here are four things to watch for heading into the critical weekend in the election campaign:

The culture war plays out: Do debates over the niqab and Syrian refugees help Stephen Harper outside of Quebec, or does it start to interfere with his economic message in places like Ontario?

Is the change wave really red? Polls show Justin Trudeau gaining momentum, at times even in the lead. If he has really captured the change vote, do provinces like vote-rich Ontario give him enough momentum for the seat climb he would need to win?

Is the Orange crash real? Can Tom Mulcair turn around what look like plummeting polls with a hard-line stance on the TPP? It’s too early to count him out, but his path to victory is looking very narrow.

Dinner-time decisions: Watch for families to finally make up their minds over Thanksgiving dinner. Nothing goes better with turkey than politics.