We are going to throttle you with polls before you can squeak out an objection

What’s it been, three hours since the last poll? Time for three more polls. Well, two and the promise of more to come. In our comment boards, Mike Duffy promises “a doozie of a poll” for his CTV Newsnet show tonight. And if you can’t wait, we have a new shipment of polls from companies with vaguely Greek-sounding names. Drum roll, please:

  • Nanos. Widening just a tad, 38%-31%-14%-9%.
  • Ekos. Tightening substantially, 36%-26%-19%-11%, with the Conservative lead cut in half over the course of the week.

And back to me, Inklos. I don’t know what to make of any of this. But I know you’d miss these numbers if we didn’t get them to you. Enjoy!

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