'We are not saying very much'

I asked Mr. Gillani’s spokesman, Brian Kilgore, if Mr. Gillani had any comment on last night’s report from CTV. Here is the response.

You probably know Nazim Gillani has been “invited” by a Hourse of Commons committee to appear before it on April 28.

This idea of House of Commons committees is new to us — Nazim is a business man, not a politician — and so we are treating this, at least for the next few days, as being similar to the idea of  a matter being “before the courts” and thus we are not saying very much.

Remember, the CTV report said others had said Nazim spoke about various things, and CTV was clear in saying there was no confirmation that pictures actually existed, or other items in the allegations were true.

Even local radio in Toronto this morning was careful to include phrasing saying there was no confirmation of the story about any (alleged) photos.

And our position is that with the court proceding on the 21st and the House of Commons committee on the 28th that we should not say anything because of the before the courts / Parliament restrictions.

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