What does the Prime Minister know about the Prime Minister's Office?

'I answered questions to the best of my knowledge'

On Saturday, the Prime Minister apparently addressed the discrepancy between what he told the House last month and what Nigel Wright told the RCMP.

But on Saturday, the Prime Minister told reporters “when I answered questions about this in the House of Commons, I answered questions to the best of my knowledge.”

So let us assume that on June 5—when the Prime Minister stood in the House and said that Mr. Wright’s decision to give Mike Duffy a cheque for $90,000 had not been communicated to any member of the Prime Minister’s Office—the Prime Minister was not aware that anyone in his office had been made aware of what Mr. Wright had done. That would answer this question.

But in regards to the best of the Prime Minister’s knowledge, these questions might be relevant: What precisely has the Prime Minister done to inform himself of the circumstances around what his chief of staff did?

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