'What we are fundamentally all about'

Brian Topp considers equality.

Successive governments have turned their backs on the pursuit of equality using arguments that we now know to be false: that ever lower taxes and less government generate growth, that the unfettered growth of free markets will end poverty and “lift all boats,” and that social programs and economic rights make our economy non-competitive. These conservative truisms are not true. Strong social programs are a competitive advantage. A healthy, highly-educated workforce and modern infrastructure are the crucial ingredients of a strong economy and they must be funded collectively…

We can make better choices. We can respond to these changes and challenges. We can promote sustainable economic development and greater equality—in the mainstream of the industrialized world, as many other countries have chosen to do, by electing a modern, fiscally prudent,economically literate, socially progressive, determined, practical, future-focused social democratic government dedicated to addressing these issues with commitment and determination, one practical step at a time.

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