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Where are the documents? (III)


Documents related to the transfer of detainees in Afghanistan and the report of the panel of arbiters will be tabled in the House shortly after Question Period today. Ministers John Baird and Peter MacKay are then to deliver remarks to the media and reporters have been summoned to the Foreign Affairs building for a briefing at 4pm. Stephane Dion, the Liberal member of the parliamentary review committee, has his own media availability scheduled for 4pm as well.

Ahead of this afternoon’s disclosures, whatever they may be, Mr. Dion has already raised one concern with the process.

He added, however, that he is very concerned about how the government has already received the report from the panel, giving it ample time to prepare a communications plan. He said opposition MPs won’t see the report until several hours before it is publicly tabled in the Commons Wednesday afternoon. “It was not a report that was supposed to be the property of the government,” Mr. Dion said.

For the story of how we got to this point, including many of the documents already made publicly available, feel free to consult the Colvin Encyclopedia.