Who wore it best? Canada Day edition

Patriotic messages from Messrs Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau

If it’s Canada Day, it’s time for the federal party leaders to assure us of their patriotism.

First, the Prime Minister.

Compared with last year’s 1812-themed effort, this seems a little less inspired. Compared with two years ago, one wonders what happened to that plant Mr. Harper used to keep on the mantle.

Second, Thomas Mulcair, who goes with the desk look and manages to use the word “progressive.”

And finally, Justin Trudeau, who likes to be outdoors and eschews neckwear and who manages to include the phrase “hope and hard work.”

Most of the scoring here is subjective, but on the one objective criteria of “Number of Visible Canadian Flags,” Mr. Mulcair wins with two.