Yes we approximately can! Logo-checking the new Liberal website thing

The Liberals are very excited about their new website, which keeps the Conservatives’ feet to the fire by making you sit through videos of Liberal MPs who Represent Issues. So Marlene Jennings and Ken Dryden are there to Protect The Vulnerable, and Dominic LeBlanc and Alexandra Mendes are there to Dare You To Guess Who The MP Sitting Next To Dominic LeBlanc Is, and so on.

But because I focus like a laser on what really matters, I was struck by how hard it is to come by a truly original logo these days. Here’s the Liberal logo:


And here’s one of many, many, many logos associated with A Prominent New U.S. President:


So you have the maple leaf in place of Old Glory; and the green leaf is banished forever, because, you know, the environment is bad luck (cough*Dion*cough), and the chart demonstrates the Liberal determination to make sure nothing ever gets better. Graphics is fun!

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