You can't say that here

It was apparently Ryan Leef’s turn to enunciate the party line this afternoon, so the Conservative MP for the Yukon stood in his spot along the back row and proceeded with his statement.

Mr. Speaker, no matter how mad the leader of the NDP gets it does not change the fact that his $20 billion—

Here, alas, the Speaker called for order and, without saying another word, moved on to the next MP (in this case, Susan Truppe). I would guess that Mr. Leef’s sin was alleging an unflattering personal attribute—”mad”—about another member. Thus was he deprived the further 55 seconds he might have had to relay his concerns. Don’t feel too bad for him though, he has already this fall used four of these precious opportunities to explain his opposition to the NDP’s position on cap-and-trade.

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