Your tax dollars on the move

CBC correspondents move all around the circle. I’ve been a fan of Evan Solomon’s since Shift magazine. He will do well here if both he and the network see his show as a chance to dig deeply into all the ways Canadians are actually governed, or could be, and not — as too many people saw his Sunday show — as an excuse to cover something, anything, please God anything, except Ottawa politics. The CBC sometimes has a hard time with this, so: You have a lot of other shows that don’t cover Ottawa politics. Your Ottawa politics show should probably cover Ottawa politics.

Terry Milewski, in the meantime, is a blessing. He cannot be bullied by Conservative or Liberal — ask Peter Donolo — and one underappreciated thing he has done again and again and again in Vancouver is to jump onto the back of a complex, significant story; sink his teeth in up to the gums; and cover the damned thing with passion, humour, and a sense of justice, for years. I would say, as a parallel to Evan’s case, that Terry will do well here if his bosses let him follow stories here in the same way, but I do believe they couldn’t stop him if they tried.

And hey, David Common: Get in one last dinner at Le Procope before they haul you out of there.