Zoom in on a historic day honouring 150 years of Parliament Hill

To mark the 150th anniversary of the first meeting on Parliament Hill, take a (very) close look at a hyper high-res family photo on the Hill

One hundred and fifty years ago today, the Legislature of the Province of Canada first met in the original Parliament Building—the final session of the Province of Canada’s legislature before Confederation.

To celebrate this moment, former Maclean’s photographer Peter Bregg took an extremely high-resolution photo of MPs, senators, security guards and staff on Parliament Hill. The photo was taken with a high-resolution Nikon and 300mm lens, seated in a Gigapan device to capture multiple images and create a high megapixel-rate photo. Use the embedded tool below to zoom in and out to get up close and personal and play Where’s Waldo with your favourite MP. (For best mobile experience, turn your phone to landscape.)