P.E.I. election 2019: Live results and district-by-district vote counts

Live, detailed results for Prince Edward Island's 2019 provincial election

Prince Edward Island voters elected a Progressive Conservative minority government on Tuesday. It’s the first PC win since 2003, and ends the Liberals’ three-term reign.

Heading into the vote, Wade MacLauchlan’s Liberals held the majority with 16 seats. The Progressive Conservatives, led by Dennis King, held 8 seats. Peter Bevan-Baker’s Green Party held two seats. An independent member held the remaining seat.

On the referendum: The threshold for a victory, whether it’s for the “Yes” or “No” side, is a majority of the vote overall and a majority of the vote in 60 per cent of districts.

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Peter Bevan-Baker, P.E.I. election

Peter Bevan-Baker, leader of the Green party, votes in the Prince Edward Island provincial election in Bonshaw, P.E.I. on Tuesday. (Andrew Vaughan/CP)