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QP Live: All eyes on four by-elections

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Parliamentarians will be forgiven for thinking about events further afield than the House of Commons, as four sets of voters choose new MPs this evening. Whether or not the extraordinarily hyped by-elections produce any surprising results, they’re sure to distract. The topic of discussion in the chamber, though, will no doubt revolve around the continuing puzzle that is the Wright-Duffy affair.

Conservatives are, apparently, unhappy in places. The Prime Minister explained his position on various allegations over the weekend, though his communications director was the one doing the talking. Today, Stephen Harper’s delegated spokesman in the chamber—MP Paul Calandra, the PM’s parliamentary secretary—will undoubtedly speak plenty for the PM. No matter the query from opposition benches, Calandra will continue to argue that his boss was the last guy in his own office to hear about Nigel Wright paying Sen. Mike Duffy’s improperly claimed expenses.

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Whoever is standing in for the PM will face many pestering questions on the Wright-Duffy affair. That means parliamentary secretary Paul Calandra will be on his feet quite a bit.