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QP Live: Leaders mourn Mandela, MPs get feisty

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Stephen Harper and Tom Mulcair are in South Africa today with dozens of other world leaders, mourning Nelson Mandela. Their absence means parliamentarians will serve up their typical mix of partisan fury, dawdling questions, meandering answers, snipes and counter-snipes and counter-snipe rejoinders, and probably a couple of worthwhile exchanges.

The Tory benches had experimented with civility for a few days, but the back stretch of yesterday’s session seemed to render that approach a thing of the past. Now, Speaker Andrew Scheer is experimenting with lowering the boom on questioners who don’t stick to government business. Will the Speaker continue to tut-tut with some frequency? Will the opposition change tack? Oh, the drama.

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The Wright-Duffy affair will continue to hog the ball, at least some of the time, during Question Period. But the government’s handling of its claim that the north pole is Canadian turf will also earn the ire of the opposition benches.