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QP Live: Will the NDP budge from electoral reform?

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Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

Justin Trudeau is a new dad all over again, and nowhere near the House of Commons. Trudeau, a politician with family-man credentials up the wazoo, is frustrating the Tories. They heard over the weekend that their attacks on the Liberal leader aren’t gaining much traction. A new kid in the house can’t help their cause. Meanwhile, the NDP will continue to give the governing party grief over its proposed electoral reform, encouraged by a Hill Times story that quotes a cadre of experts—a former Elections Canada lawyer, a university professor, a pollster, a public policy analyst, and quote-machine Tom Flanagan—as saying the Conservative Party “will benefit most in the 2015 election campaign from its elections overhaul bill.”

The government might be pressed to explain why a judge came down so hard on a federal agency that purchased airport scanners unfairly. And maybe, if Elizabeth May is lucky, she’ll get a chance to push for a national Lyme disease strategy.

Who to watch

Pierre Poilievre will once again stymie the opposition’s complains about ongoing Conservative attempts at electoral reform.

In the news

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority ran afoul of its own rules when it purchased airport scanners, says a federal judge. That’s an oops.

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