The QP Clip: Convention snark on the House floor -

The QP Clip: Convention snark on the House floor

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period.


Stephen Harper, on a good day, loves to poke fun at Justin Trudeau. The Prime Minister might be getting nervous about the Liberal leader’s consistent lead in the polls, but he’s never shy about outmaneuvering Trudeau in the House of Commons.

Today, during his opening round, Trudeau jabbed Harper about the party’s promise to implement income splitting when it achieved a budget surplus—a campaign pledge that may never be. Harper responded with a verbal slip, confusing the Liberals with the NDP. He covered for it, saying the Liberal convention last weekend had him all mixed up (clever one, PM! Take that, pinko Liberals!). Trudeau said of course the PM was confused; after all, he’s never been to an open convention. The PM said he’s also never left a convention by the back door. Benches howled all around. Later, Trudeau made a remark about how Harper should use the front door of the House of Commons, but the moment had passed, the PM smiling.

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