The QP Clip: The House unites behind Ukraine -

The QP Clip: The House unites behind Ukraine

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period


Vladimir Putin has managed to unite the House of Commons. The government had shunned opposition parties from its official delegation to Ukraine as that country faces Russian intervention and possible conflict in Crimea. But today, as the western world reacts in haste to Putin’s military intervention, the House stood together. NDP Deputy Leader Megan Leslie opened her second question to the government with a declaration that New Democrats “stand with the government and with Canadians who are condemning these very troubling actions.” All sides rose to applaud.

Immediately after Question Period’s conclusion, Tory MP Ted Opitz introduced a motion to the House and requested unanimous consent. He received it in short order. Here’s what MPs declared.

That this House strongly condemn Russia’s provocative military intervention in Ukraine; call upon Russia to withdraw its forces and respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, as per the commitments in the 1994 Budapest Declaration and under international law; reaffirm the legitimacy of the Government of Ukraine and Ukraine’s territorial integrity; support the Government’s decision to recall Canada’s ambassador in Moscow for consultations and to suspend the Government’s engagement in preparation for the G-8 Summit; encourage the Government to work with like-minded partners, including through multilateral forums, to de-escalate the current situation; affirm the Ukrainian people’s right of self-determination, free from intervention; and stand with the Ukrainian people as they pursue a free and democratic future.

This follows a unanimous expression of “deep concern” about Venezuela the House passed late last week.

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