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The QP Clip: The NDP cranks up criticism of sex-work bill

The exchange you can't miss from this afternoon's Question Period

Last week, Megan Leslie questioned the constitutionality of Bill C-36, the government’s attempt to rewrite Canada’s sex-work laws. Leslie, the NDP’s deputy leader. chose her words carefully. She said Justice Minister Peter MacKay’s legislation “already has legal experts predicting long court battles over whether or not it respects the charter.” Note that she didn’t call the bill unconstitutional, only implied as much.

Today, Leslie hardened her language. C-36 “is deeply flawed, and it’s likely unconstitutional,” she said. “Instead of reducing the risks that women face, the bill risks entrenching extremely problematic aspects of the old legislation.” Leslie repeated her plea from last week: the Tories ought to ask the Supreme Court to review the bill, which itself comprises the government response to laws ruled unconstitutional. The deputy leader still qualified her criticism, but the NDP appears to be incrementally deepening its opposition. How far will the party get before Parliament recesses for the summer? Tune in again tomorrow.