This week in QP: Discord, and then death

This week in QP: Discord, and then death

Jim Flaherty’s death brings the House to a halt

Adrian Wyld/CP

Adrian Wyld/CP

The House of Commons froze on Thursday when word arrived that former finance minister Jim Flaherty had passed away at his Ottawa condo earlier that day. Proceedings adjourned and opposition MPs crossed the aisle to shake hands with Tory ministers. Such collegiality is altogether rare in the Commons. This week was, until Flaherty’s death, no exception.

Yelling matches about foreign workers. Ignorance to questions. Insults of members opposite. It was a perfectly normal week in the Commons, set starkly against the solemn, respectful, even caring chamber that heard of Jim Flaherty’s death. For just that single day, parliament declared a truce.

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