This week in QP: Still talkin' electoral reform and income splitting -

This week in QP: Still talkin’ electoral reform and income splitting

The tone is a far cry from the Senate expense debates of yore


The House of Commons

Used to be that Tom Mulcair pelted the government with pointed questions. They were no frills. They were prosecutorial. They often left the Prime Minister reeling. These days, not so much. Mulcair’s rambling preambles of late are more traditional QP fare, the questions tacked on to the end less effective. As the NDP leader continues to press the Tories on their electoral reform proposals, the Liberals won’t stop poking holes in the apparent Conservative rift—is there a rift?—on income splitting.

Mulcair defies the speaker

Convention snark in the House

Harper stands up for Poilievre

Megan Leslie on Loretta Saunders

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