This week in QP: Unfair Elections become Electoral Deform

This week in QP: Unfair Elections become Electoral Deform

Highlights in bickering

House of Commons

House of Commons

Stephen Harper returned from Europe just as the guy he hand-picked to be the Conservative Party’s executive director, Dimitri Soudas, was forced out of the job. Soudas and his fiancee, Eve Adams, were caught up in a nomination spat in suburban Toronto. That news had the PM’s team stumbling into another week in the Commons.

The NDP’s campaign to derail the government’s electoral reform entered its umpteenth week. The New Democrats finally found an expert, former auditor general Sheila Fraser, that Conservatives weren’t willing to vilify. They also refreshed their pejorative name for C-23, the Fair Elections Act. The rest of the week’s highlights, from questions on climate change to a retiring MPs parting words about decorum.

Leona Aglukkaq had new talking points

Jimmy K resigns his parliamentary post

The other guy’s always more partisan

Sheila who?

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