Starting a new job and rediscovering the Force

The final item from our Day That Was series: Recapping Oct. 20, the aftermath of this remarkable election

The important

It was a few minutes after midnight—just after Justin Trudeau’s victory speech, and concession speeches from Stephen Harper and Tom Mulcair—when the incoming prime minister had one more word for Canadians.

With a majority government and campaign promises to fix infrastructure across the country, perhaps it was fitting for Trudeau to start his morning in his hometown of Montreal, visiting locals on their morning commute.

News of Trudeau’s victory quickly gained international attention, but not always because of his policies.

At least they’ll have four years, at minimum, to figure out the answer to this question:

The interesting

Stephen Harper didn’t mention it in his speech Monday night, but he later said he would step down as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. This started some early chatter about who would run to become leader of the official Opposition. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall quashed any speculation by denying he would run for the CPC leadership. However, one controversial former Toronto city councillor didn’t rule anything out.

The fun

Trudeau has long said that Star Wars is his favourite movie. On Monday night, the same day a trailer was released for the next Star Wars film, the incoming prime minister was relaxing with his family while his kids played with lightsabers.

It turns out Walt Disney Studios was keeping an eye on the election coverage, too. After spotting the tweet, Disney tweeted out that Trudeau would get the first invitation to the Canadian premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Imagine how a young Justin would feel about this news.