The QP Clip: Moore confused about Senate reform -

The QP Clip: Moore confused about Senate reform

Clunky messages from the Heritage minister


NDP Leader Tom Mulcair pressed the government on ethical questions surrounding former PMO chief Nigel Wright’s infamous $90,000 personal cheque meant to cover Senator Mike Duffy’s improperly claimed expenses. In his second response to Mulcair, Heritage Minister James Moore urged the NDP to support the various Senate reforms the Conservatives tabled in legislation.

What Moore didn’t mention was the government’s Supreme Court reference on those very proposals—as well as their questions about abolition, which the NDP favours—that is effectively delaying the government’s movement on the file. After another question from Mulcair, in the video above, Moore’s response did mention the top court—and indicated, in fact, that the government was looking for a “mandate” from the Supremes to carry on with their legislation. He accused the NDP of opposing the court reference, too, and said they should support all of the reforms on the table.

Clunky messages from the Heritage minister.