The QP clip: Keith Ashfield stands by "wonderful wife" remarks -

The QP clip: Keith Ashfield stands by “wonderful wife” remarks

The federal fisheries minister didn’t get much applause from colleagues in the House of Commons


NDP MP Megan Leslie won’t let Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield off the hook for remarks he made in New Brunswick last week. While promoting Budget 2013 with an east-coast family, Ashfield told one of the family’s daughters, Grace Moreno, that she’d “make a wonderful wife for somebody.” Leslie and others took exception to the remarks, while Ashfield—who claimed the remark was based on Moreno’s hospitality, and nothing else—said the criticism was out of context.

Today, Leslie hammered away at Ashfield during QP. Ashfield replied that the issue had been dealt with, and retreated to talking points touting the government’s budget.

In her supplementary, Leslie asked Minister for the Status of Women Rona Ambrose to defend Ashfield’s remarks. In her response, Ambrose countered that the government’s economic plan will create jobs for everybody—including women.

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