The QP clip: Harper applauds Rae's service -

The QP clip: Harper applauds Rae’s service

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period


As Bob Rae stood for the first time during today’s Question Period, he received a standing ovation from all sides of the House of Commons. After all, today was his last caucus day as Liberal leader.

On his second supplementary, captured here, Rae asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper—for the third time—if he would lead a Team Canada mission to Washington, D.C., to promote the Keystone XL pipeline. Rae thought the mission could comprise government leaders, opposition MPs, and premiers.

Harper replied that the government appreciates support from all corners for the pipeline, and he finished by applauding Rae’s contributions to the House over the years. Again, all MPs stood to applaud the outgoing Liberal leader.

Bob Rae’s last caucus day as Liberal leader

Cheers, ovations, scrums and emoticons salute Liberal MP

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Bob Rae spent his last caucus day on Parliament Hill on Wednesday where he was man of the hour and star of QP. 

The soon-to-be former interim leader says he’s leaving the Liberals in better shape than they were when he arrived. 

Asked what comes next, he quipped, “I’m not going to be Crazy Uncle Bob, coming down from the attic to give a speech to the youngsters.” 

Here’s how Rae’s day played on Twitter: 

Last caucus, last QP as interim leader… a day of mixed emotions…Bob Rae
Derniere journee comme chef dans la chambre et dans le caucus – merci pour l’opportunite de servir #cdnpoliBob Rae
Sat in @bobraeMP seat on his last day as interim leader! #bittersweet #forum4yc <a href="" class=""></a>Maeve
#cdnpoli "friend of bob" button as liberal mps and staff mark bob rae’s last caucus meeting <a href="" class=""></a>chris rands
@BobRae Thank you, thank you, thank you sir!albertarabbit
50 shades of Rae. Welcome to the @Liberal_Party. #LPC @BobRaeMP <a href="" class=""></a>Shane Mackenzie
Huge #lpc crowd gathered in Hall of Honour to thank @bobraeMP for service as interim leader. #cdnpoli <a href="" class=""></a>Susan Delacourt
LPC staff and caucus give bob rae a last hurrah for his final caucus meeting as interim leader. <a href="" class=""></a>Jessica Murphy
Bob Rae’s last press conference as Interim leader of the Liberal party #cdnpoli <a href="" class=""></a>Mike Le Couteur
I am going to miss Bob Rae terrorizing journalists by blithely refusing to suffer foolishness kindly. #hwkady o’malley
Dernier jour où Bob Rae est aux Communes comme chef du PLC. Nouveau chef après pause parlementaire qui vient #polcan <a href="" class=""></a>Martin Bégin
Rae on his next role "I’m not going to be crazy uncle Bob coming down from the attic to give a speech to the youngsters" #cdnpoliMike Le Couteur
WHAT? Rae *isn’t* going to be ‘crazy Uncle Bob’? But that’s the best part of his quintessential Bobness! #hwkady o’malley
Bob Rae gets an ovation from Lib MPs and staff in Rotunda. Tomorrow last day as interim leader. <a href="" class=""></a>John Ivison
Bob Rae will remain an MP after stepping down as interim liberal leader. #cdnpoliSharon Musgrave
Political watchers had praise for the interim leader’s style, etc.:
I’m going to miss Bob Rae. Never has notes, talks on the fly, devastating quips. #QPSheik Yurbouti
Bob Rae is the Betty White of Question Period.Greg MacEachern
Bob Rae has proven that real statesmanship is still possible in politics. MT @bobraeMP: Last caucus, last QP as interim leader…Roland Paris
Fellow MPs tweeted good wishes and winky-smiley faced emoticons, as all sides of the House stood to applaud Rae when he spoke during Question Period.
Stephen Harper applauds Bob Rae’s service to Parliamentmacleansmagazine
In HofC-QP, galleries are fuller than I’ve seen in a long time – here to salute @bobraemp’s final day in Parl as LibLeader #cdnpoliRalph Goodale
@PMHarper thanks @bobraeMP for bringing his intellect, his patriotism and his tenacity to the #HoC." #cdnpoli #sayinggoodbyeJoan Crockatt MP
House of Commons: today is Bob Rae’s last day in Commons as Liberal interim leader. Anyone who can should watch this real leader in action.Wayne Easter
Cheers across the benches for @bobraeMP in honour of his last #QP as leader of the #lpc (in a good way #tweeps, sheesh! ;-)). All the best.Michelle Rempel, MP
Nice standing ovation in the #HOC today for @bobraeMP for his last set of questions as Interim Leader of the Liberal Party.Brad Butt

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