The QP clip: A real answer on veterans' affairs -

The QP clip: A real answer on veterans’ affairs

The exchange you can’t miss from March 4 Question Period



The NDP’s veterans affairs critic, Peter Stoffer, is known for giving his Conservative colleagues advance notice of a question he’ll pose during Question Period. Today, he asked Heritage Minister James Moore about privacy concerns raised by a veteran. And then, in a genuine QP rarity, Moore stood and provided a real answer to the question.

Stoffer: Mr. Speaker, before I start my question I would like to offer sincere condolences for the police officer who was killed in Kuujjuak and to the other officer who was shot. Hopefully he will recover very soon. The heritage minister is aware of my question. Richard Caissie of Courtenay, B.C., a CF veteran, asked for his personal medical files and said he received two personal medical files of two other veterans. I want to ask the hon. member this. When will Richard Caissie receive his files, because he has not yet received them, will he apologize for that error, and what about protecting the privacy of all our veterans and military personnel in this country?

Moore: Mr. Speaker, first I certainly join the member opposite in expressing his condolences for the lost life. We certainly share his sentiments in that regard. With regard to Mr. Caissie, I thank my colleague for his notice on this question. He should know that I did contact Daniel Caron, the Head of Library and Archives Canada, who is looking into this matter. Hopefully, Mr. Caissie will get his information by the end of the day today, and we will look into why false information was sent because that clearly is something that should never happen.

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