Tom Mulcair: Does this man look angry? -

Tom Mulcair: Does this man look angry?

The NDP leader joked with reporters during a scrum outside the House of Commons



Tom Mulcair, the NDP leader, has occasionally been described by various political types, particularly his opponents, as “Angry Tom” and “Mr. Angry,” a reference to his apparent temper. We’ve seen a different Mulcair since the Wright-Duffy affair broke in mid-May. The opposition leader looks relaxed, calm and determined during Question Period.

Today, Mulcair scrummed with reporters before QP had concluded. Towards the end, he recounted—in French—his characterization of Conservative attempts to dodge mounting scandals. Having spent a few minutes with reporters, he departed—but not for long. A chuckling Mulcair returned to the scrum when reporters urged him to repeat his answer in English.

Much laughter ensued, as Mulcair played it up for the cameras. The scene served as a stark contrast to the prime minister’s relationship with the Parliamentary press corps.