Tweets from His Grace, Donald of House Trump, First of His Name

@BestWesterosKing Twitter account screenshot

Welcome to the Twitter account of His Grace, Donald of House Trump, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm.

Why can’t we just get along with the White Walkers? The Stupid Starks automatically assume an unstoppable zombie army of the dead is a threat. Dumb!

Terrific day sitting on the Gold Throne. Great having an audience with so many of our Citizens. Executed most!

Under me, our merchants won’t move Businesses across Narrow Sea to Essos. Incentives to stay! Signing “Leave & I’ll Sink Your Ship” proclamation!

Getting away from Trump’s Landing to spend the weekend at Trumplands Golf & Country Club. Many meetings and flayings!

The Wall has protected us for thousands of years. But can you see through it? NO! I will tear it down and build a Transparent Wall. Wildlings will pay for it!

When the Wildlings throw large sacks over The Wall, you don't see them. They hit you on the head with 60 pounds of shadowcat meat? It's over.

We had a meeting of the Seven Kingdoms. We had seven kingdoms there.

Just heard the Stupid Starks want to mine Dragonglass to “protect” us from the White Walkers.

Appearing soon on Trump Landing’s most watched morning show – Two Sycophants Standing in the Street Praising the King. Enjoy!

My son Prince Don is a good boy! He did nothing wrong when he met with the White Walkers. Don’t believe the news you receive!!

Don is totally innocent! I could tell he was being honest by looking in his pale, piercing – almost glowing, really – blue, blue eyes!!!

Westeros economy doing very well since my coronation! One chicken now worth four blood melons!

The Wall is down! My son Prince Eric personally oversaw the demolition effort and did a really great job… aside from dying accidentally under trillions of tons of ice.

Now we can build the New, Transparent Wall! Should be done in 16 to 18 generations! Jobs!

The haters and losers keep saying that in the meantime, no defence for us against White Walkers! True, but no defence needed!

BaratheonCare is failing! We must repeal and replace. Only TrumpCare partially covers the cost of having your head put on a spike!

Had a very productive meeting with the Night King! Great guy, very quiet. Huge entourage!

Asked Night King TWO DIFFERENT WAYS if he intended to reanimate millions of corpses and wipe the living from the face of our world. Said no BOTH TIMES!

Weird. It keeps getting colder and colder. Big storm of ice and snow appears to be coming over the horizon. SO MUCH FOR GLOBAL WARMING!

Some idiots say White Walker apocalypse is upon us. Very wrong! Next, these stupid dummies will be telling us that dragons exist!