Daily Trump Tracker: Aloha, travel ban

Everything you need to know about another day in Trump's America

Aloha, travel ban

Donald Trump’s second attempt at a travel ban that targets six Muslim-majority countries will also have its day in court, as the state of Hawaii filed a legal challenge asking a federal judge to temporarily block the executive order.

Repeal, yes, but replace?

Sen. Rand Paul does not seem to be on board with House Republicans’ health-care reform bill, in spite of what Trump tweets.

Instead, the Republican Senator from Kentucky told Politico: “Republicans across the country are unified on repeal, not on replace.”

Perhaps “tremendous” isn’t the right word

It’s International Women’s Day, which prompted Trump to tweet that he has “tremendous respect for women.” Some video footage of him with Billy Bush that may dispute that.

Trump’s approval ratings are way up

Melania Trump, that is. A new CNN poll found 52 per cent of Americans now have a favourable opinion of the first lady, compared to 36 per cent before her husband’s inauguration. Donald’s approval rating, meanwhile, has slipped slightly, from about 48 per cent to 45 per cent during that span, according to data compiled by FiveThirtyEight.com.