Daily Trump Tracker: Joe Trudeau? Not quite.

As his national security advisor quits, Trump wins a branding victory in China. We track another news-packed day in the Donald Trump White House

Just your average Joe Trudeau
Another day, another stumble from White House press secretary Sean Spicer in pronouncing a world leader’s name. After appearing to call Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull “Malcolm Trumble”—twice—Spicer made note of Monday’s much-hyped first meeting between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau in his briefing, but managed to call Trudeau “Joe.” Perhaps he just hadn’t had his morning cup of Justin yet.

He says, she says, Flynn goes

Michael Flynn is finally out as national security advisor after misleading White House officials over conversations with Russian officials. Press secretary Sean Spicer said the president asked for Flynn’s resignation; Trump’s advisor Kellyanne Conway said it was Flynn’s decision. Alternative facts?

The invitation stands

Nearly two million people signed an online petition to un-invite Trump from a state visit to the United Kingdom, but it’s all for naught. British officials have rejected the proposal, which means—oh yes—Donald J. Trump might soon get a meeting with Her Majesty the Queen.

About that tax return

Long after Trump won the election, Democrats are still trying to force him to release his tax returns. The latest attempt involved a little-known law and efforts to frame it as a national security issue, but that was quickly blocked by House Republicans. Maybe that audit will be done come re-election time.

Declined transaction

The U.S. ethics office said Kellyanne Conway made a “clear violation” when she urged Fox & Friends viewers to go online and shop for Ivanka Trump’s fashion label. The office’s director urged the White House to consider disciplinary actions. Trump disciplining Conway for supporting Ivanka? Good luck with that.

Down the drain

After a decade of legal battles to get his own name trademarked in China—as products from pacemakers to condoms without any affiliation to Trump get produced and sold in the country—Trump appeared in line for a huge victory on Tuesday. The losers? Anyone who dreams of flushing Trump-branded condoms down a Trump-branded toilet, with none of their profits going to the president. (Editor’s note: condoms should not be flushed down toilets, as they can cause serious damage to your septic tank.)