Donald Trump's 2019 State of the Union address: Live video

Trump will deliver his second State of the Union address, this time with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over his shoulder. Watch it here.

Ten days away from another possible government shutdown over a lack of funding for a southern border wall, U.S. President Donald Trump will deliver his second State of the Union address (officially, it’s his third address to a joint session of Congress). Earlier today, the White House released the special guests of the evening. They include family members of a Nevada couple allegedly slain by an El Salvador man who was in the U.S. illegally; the first prisoner released after the passage of a prison-reform law; a child who survived cancer; an Ohio woman who is recovering from opioid abuse; and a Pittsburgh police officer who suffered multiple gunshot wounds in the Tree of Life Synagogue attack. Watch the address live at 9 p.m. ET.

Last year, then-House Speaker Paul Ryan sat sat over Trump’s left shoulder as the president refreshed his agenda. This year, there’s a new Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi. Allen Abel profiled the resurgent Democrat.

As the wily and insuperable imperatrix of the Democratic Party, and as the defender of her throne against any and all pretenders, she now stands as a repository of so much constitutional authority and art-of-the-deal savvy that when Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader of the Senate, was invited to the White House last month for a man-to-man discussion about a wall along the Mexican border, Schumer’s smackdown RSVP to Trump was “Not without Nancy.”

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For more than 35 years, through the rise and retreat of six male presidents, and now, in her emasculation of President Trump through January’s partial government shutdown; through the spat over the petulant president’s State of the Union address; and through the Donald’s feeble surrender (as of press time) on the Huge Wall of Mexico, the little old lady from Albemarle Street has been in the room where it happens and a burr in the Republican saddle.

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