U.S. presidential debate 2016 analysis: Clinton-Trump town hall

Macleans.ca's writers are back for the second presidential debate, as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off in a town-hall format at Washington University

The second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took the spotlight in the U.S.—and around the world—as American voters have just over four weeks to decide which candidate deserves their support. The town-hall style showdown broadcast live from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Trump’s latest crisis, an 11-year-old recording of lewd, widely ridiculed remarks about women, casts a long shadow over tonight’s debate. On the eve of the debate, the Associated Press reported that senior Republican leaders are considering a major shift in resources to down-ticket campaigns—an effort to salvage vulnerable congressional candidates who face tough fights of their own.

Our writers offered key context and analysis as many readers north of the border digested their Thanksgiving dinners. Catch yourself up on our live coverage of the first debate and the rest of our campaign reporting. And don’t miss Scott Gilmore’s very own Trump drama in four acts (spoiler: it doesn’t end well).