U.S. presidential debate 2016: Analysis of the third Clinton-Trump showdown

Macleans.ca’s writers are back for the third presidential debate, as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off in Las Vegas

Cue all the gambling metaphors. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shared the stage in Las Vegas, where they debated each other for the third and final time. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas hosting the war of words, and Fox News anchor Chris Wallace moderated the two nominees.

Check out our Skittles Meter that tracks each candidates’ lies in real time. Our writers once again offered key context and analysis. Catch yourself up on our live coverage of the first debate and the second debate, as well as the rest of our campaign reporting.

Live blog highlights
Expect Trump to say he will honour the results of the election in the next week or so
At the state’s Republican HQ in Arizona: cynicism and disdain for refugees
Trump’s campaign sent 27 press releases during the debate