What might be problematic about the Fair Elections Act?

Questions about the bill begin to mount

Steven Shrybman, a lawyer for the Council of Canadians, worries that the Fair Elections Act will, among other things, muzzle the chief electoral officer and fails to hold parties accountable for the use of their voter databases. Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher list nine facets of the bill that might face resistance, while the Globe focuses on what the bill might mean for Elections Canada’s efforts to improve voter turnout and the former chief electoral officer questions a change in the calculation of campaign spending. During Question Period yesterday, Liberal critic Scott Simms suggested his party might move an amendment related to the election commissioner’s power to compel disclosure.

The government side gave notice of a time allocation motion yesterday and could move that motion today. At that point the Government House leader would have to explain how much time for debate would be scheduled for second reading.