Let's ask Twitter: What will happen if (candidate's name here) wins?

Seems no matter the outcome of the U.S. election, people have plans to move

What will happen #IfRomney/ObamaWins? Ask Twitter.

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After months, nay, years of campaigning, debates, attack ads, and more than $2 billion in spending, the election results are mere hours away. With the overload of negative campaigning, the United States will have to bridge the politically divided nation. Or, according to many on Twitter, some citizens may be leaving the country on their own.
If Romney wins the election i’m going to be on the next plane to England #seriouslythoughPale Struggles
If Romney wins I’m moving to Australia just so everyone knows.Elf In Da Pants
If romney wins, im on the first boat straight to Haiti . G.Brooklyn Boy Sha
If Mitt Romney wins the life on other planets will finally reveal themselves and i’m a be out with them if they want me to go.Charlamagne Tha God
That’s not to say that everyone fears a Republican as President. There were just as many tweeting they were ready to leave instead of another four years of Obama.
If Obama wins I have to move to another country or something. NOBAMAOlivia Ames
"Hey dad what if Obama wins?" "We’re moving to Costa Rica." @CarlisleLauren #ohphilLayton Carlisle
if Obama wins my future life will be in Australia with 2 pet kangaroosmackie
If Obama wins I’m leaving the country. If Romney wins I’m leaving the country. This is not a political post I just want to travel.Funny Tweets
And while most people are blowing smoke about leaving, those who are staying are just as worried.
If Obama wins the election first thing I’m doing is buying a gun. #ROMNEYRYAN2012Marcus
SHOP SIGN: If Romney wins we’re HIRING. If Obama wins CLOSED for season. #tcot http://pic.twitter.com/kPJo5bpRslone
"dad, what do we do if Obama wins?" "we pray."blakeandrewdugan❤
If Romney wins on Tuesday we’ll drink to celebrate, if Obama wins on Tuesday we’ll drink to drown away our sorrows. #UDGhettoProbsUD Ghetto Probs
#NewJersey is rationing gas. If #Obama wins, the rest of the #USA will be doing the same by 2016. #RomneyRyan2012Bill Kelly
If Romney wins tomorrow I promise to give him and Republicans the exact same respect that they gave Obama and Democrats the past 4 years.Katie
if romney wins twitter will experience a nuclear explosionalien princess
If Romney wins I’m moving to Facebook.Matt Goldich
#bigcall RT @IAmJohnLai: If Romney wins this Wednesday I’m moving to @googleplusBill Rundle
Enjoyed that extra hour of sleep? If Romney wins on Tuesday you can set the clocks all the way back to 1950.Mike Monteiro
seriously though, if Romney wins.. I’m giving up on my life, moving to the south, and befriending honey boo boos family.mariah
So: If Romney wins, he’ll form a new Binder Confederacy that, using horses and bayonets, will secede in order to pursue a war on women .Charles C. W. Cooke
IF Romney wins, I’m declaring a national state of emergency.Rachel
Regardless of who wins, it seems as though many people are prepared to move north of the border. Some people may have their bags packed already.
I already have my bag packed for tuesday if Romney wins so I can cross the border into canadaallena
if mitt romney wins the election can Obama be the Canadian Prime Minister? #JustAThoughtRebecca Kay
Who’s moving to Canada with me if Romney wins the election?Swaggy
If Obama wins who’s moving to Canada with ya boy!Nick Oberle
If Romney wins I’m moving to Canada so he can’t control my uterus :-)))Holly Leinz ©
If Romney wins I’m moving to Canada … Also if Obama wins (I just want to move to Canada basically)Eli Braden
If Obama wins….. I’m moving to Canada.Jocilynne
If Romney wins I’m graduating and moving to canadaglittered_smurf
My parents said if Romney wins we have to move to Canada.Jordan Shields
AHAHAHA. my parents: yeah, if romney wins, HELLO CANADARachel Misbin
If Romney wins this election, I’ll make the move up to Canada. #MapleSyrupAy?Ashley Lavelle
If Obama wins I’m moving to Canada, goodnight. #RomneyJosh Phillips
y’all are still tweeting "if romney wins, i’m moving to canada" knowing damn well you can’t even move outta your mom’s house. relax.Ryan.