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Carlton Trail College

Carlton Trail College | Humboldt, Sask. | Founded 1973


Carlton Trail College Students

Carlton Trail College has four campuses in east-central Saskatchewan: Humboldt, Southey, Watrous and Wynyard. Most of Carlton Trail’s students are enrolled in skills training programs, which fits the region’s relatively high demand for mining and manufacturing labour. Carlton Trail offers a variety of programming in health and human services, skills and technical training, adult basic education, agriculture, and literacy, as well as some university courses. It also offers a selection of personal interest courses like cooking, fitness, self-defence and landscaping.

Carlton Trail is one of seven regional colleges in Saskatchewan that broker courses created by other educational providers in the province. Saskatchewan’s regional colleges organize rather than create courses based on the needs of their respective regions.

Fall full-time enrolment Tuition (f/t diploma) Tuition (f/t certificate) Residence spaces
270 $4,512 $3400-$5600 0

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