Columbia College

Columbia College | Vancouver, B.C. | Founded 1936

Columbia College is one of the oldest colleges in British Columbia and in all of Canada. As an international private college, Columbia acts as a temporary hub for international students who seek to pursue an education in Canada. The school offers nine different associate degrees in the arts and sciences, which, upon completion, allow students to enter the third year of a bachelor’s degree program at major Canadian universities. Students can also earn university credits to transfer smoothly to any university in British Columbia or Canada. Columbia also offers high school programs.

The school’s campus has two buildings near downtown Vancouver and features science labs, a library and student lounges. Easy access to SkyTrain, a rapid-transit system that travels throughout the city, is also available.

Because 95 per cent of its population consists of international students, the college is tailored to provide pathways to higher education and prepare students for life in Canada. Columbia is incorporated as a non-profit society in B.C. and registered as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. Since 2016, the school has offered bursaries to refugees, and in 2018 it expanded the program. Students who are refugees now have the opportunity to complete their high school education or pursue an associate degree at Columbia at no cost to them.

Size of school Tuition (degree) Residence offerings
Mid-sized $16,050 No

Cool options

  • Psychology: Students explore social, cognitive and biological psychology, and prepare for a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field.
  • Computer Science: Students learn the foundations of computer systems and software engineering, and program software with modern technology and design in mind.
  • Business Administration: Students learn marketing, economics, technology, calculus, finance, operations and more.

Popular Programs

  • General Arts
  • Science
  • Business Administration 
  • Computer Science 
  • Communications