Dalhousie: The inside scoop on a vibrant community

DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY - HALIFAX, NS - SEPTEMBER 23, 2013 - 4th year architecture students Kaitlyn Labrecque (white shirt) and Megan Lloyd (red shirt) work on a treehouse project.  PHOTOGRAPH BY ANDREW TOLSON

Photograph by Andrew Tolson

Josh Stoodley, 22

Dalhousie University is a great school, but it is not perfect. If you’re looking for a prestigious, top-notch education, you’re not going to find it here; however, if you’re looking to become a meaningful part of a vibrant community, in a city oozing with charm and personality, Dalhousie welcomes you with open arms.

The first thing I noticed about Dal is that it presents itself as its own town inside the city of Halifax. While living on campus, I often found myself not having to leave for days or weeks at a time; everything I needed was just a quick walk down the road. That being said, it would have been a shame not to stray from campus once in a while, since many of my favourite memories are of the unconventional hangouts and hole-in-the-wall vendors in every corner of the eccentric city of Halifax.

It is true that Dalhousie offers many academic opportunities, with an impressive lineup of diverse programs, but this is not unique. Dalhousie’s strong social community helps to differentiate it from other universities in ways that cannot be achieved through fancy degrees and titles.

If you’re looking for a mid-week stress reliever, it would be a crime to miss out on Wednesday trivia night at the Grawood Lounge. The Dalplex, meanwhile, offers free group fitness classes for those looking for an alternative to typical nightlife activities. They’re included with a student membership, and they’re a blast.

City Vibe
Halifax is a small, intimate and quirky city. The high concentration of students coming from surrounding universities and colleges contributes to the city’s bustling nightlife. For something beyond the typical university-life routine, check out the Seaport Farmers’ Market to see Halifax’s charming sense of community.

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