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Douglas College

Douglas College | New Westminster, B.C. | Founded 1970


Douglas College Campus

Douglas College’s namesake is the father of modern British Columbia, Sir James Douglas. A testament to the power of education and perseverance, Douglas—illegitimate, mixed-race, and born in a rough area—climbed the corporate and political ladder to become B.C.’s first governor. The college emphasizes inclusivity and support for students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Douglas is one of the largest colleges in B.C., offering bachelor’s degrees, university transfers, certificates, diplomas, and post-degree programs for more than 20,000 students each year, including more 1,500 international students. Douglas’s main campuses are in New Westminster and Coquitlam, and its training centre is in Surrey. Neither campus offers a student residence, though the student union maintains a housing registry.

Douglas supports applied research across a broad range of disciplines, like information technology, chemistry, history, anthropology, and geography. Two important research hubs at Douglas are the Institute of Urban Ecology—the unofficial motto is “There is nature in my city”—and the Digital Cultures Lab, which supports technology research. An ongoing project at Douglas explores how 3D printed objects can be used in humanities studies, like making a game out of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Douglas aims to provide the educational breadth and depth of a traditional academic university with the applied skills of a college. In an effort to ground students’ educational experiences, all its programs, including nine bachelor’s degree programs, are applied.

Fall full-time enrolment Tuition (f/t degree) Tuition (f/t diploma) Tuition (f/t certificate) Students direct from high school
7,815 $3,456.50 - $4,026.50 $3,456.50 $3,456.50 45%

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