Laurentian: Life at the cold but creative campus

LAURENTIAN: Sudbury’s landscape provides a variety of activities for students .  NO CREDIT

Kallie Berens, 23

Over the years that I have attended Laurentian, I’ve been amazed at just how much my perspective of the school has changed. When I first started, I was really put off by a number of things: the icy weather, the trekking across the wide campus in the freezing cold, the less than tasty campus food and the emphasis on science and engineering programs.

Once I began to get the hang of things, I grew to love Laurentian. Frigid winters are no match for the fireplaces and couches, allowing students to claim their own cozy nooks for studying in almost any building.

A multicultural presence is definitely evident, and appreciated, on campus. Paintings adorning the walls of every building celebrate English, French, indigenous and international themes, showing a rich history of pride that began when the school was founded in the 1960s.

As one of the smaller universities in Canada, Laurentian is definitely a place to build lasting relationships. Smaller class sizes mean professors will take the time to get to know you, which is a huge plus: More often than not, they will help you get from point A to B in any way they can.

Despite a chilly exterior, LU is doing a stellar job of creating a warm and welcoming environment, with a spot for every type of student.

Oh—and the food is now a little better.

Laurentian has a lot of student jobs that offer a decent wage and the convenience of being on campus. No matter what program you are in, there are jobs that can really give you a head start on the three to five years of work experience employers are now calling for.

City Vibe
Sudbury is a far cry from its “mining town” stereotype. More than 330 lakes mean a ton of swimming holes in the summer and skating rinks in the winter. Hopping into a car with a couple of friends will always guarantee an adventure. The city’s greater area is larger than Rhode Island, and every corner of Sudbury is a prime spot from which to appreciate some northern Ontario scenery.

The best way to start off an infamous Sudbury Saturday night is with Porketta bingo at the Beef ’N Bird! It’s an experience truly unique to the city, and the best way to sample what the community is really like: supportive and welcoming.

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