MacEwan: What life is like on the growing campus

Grant MacEwan University.  No Credit.

Grant MacEwan University.

Daren Zomerman, 22
Communication Studies

MacEwan is preparing to become a much bigger university, but, for now, the combination of a relatively small student body and concrete buildings full of empty classrooms makes it feel cold and sterile. For most students, that just means it’s easier to find a study space.

Small class sizes create a tight-knit community, making it easy to get to know students and faculty. Professors are non-bureaucratic industry professionals teaching high-quality, career-oriented material to help integrate students into Edmonton’s strong job market. The smaller class sizes do, however, narrow the Students’ Association’s (SAMU’s) focus to broad-range essential services.

The course options at MacEwan are limited, compared to those at more distinguished schools, and some program course requirements are set in stone. However, there is schedule flexibility at MacEwan, with an assortment of online and night courses in most programs.

Like the rest of Edmonton, MacEwan has some intriguing clubs and festivities, such as the League of Legends SAMU club, the Electronic Dance Music Club and the InQueeries Club. Sporting events cost students only $2 per game, or $15 for a season pass, and games are always good for beer, food and intense competition.

The Students’ Association brings in high-profile speakers such as Roméo Dallaire and George Stroumboulopoulos, and the music and theatre programs hold concerts and performances throughout the year.

City Vibe

Edmonton is a creative, DIY community, meaning there are little pockets scattered throughout the city where cool things happen regularly with little-to-no pretension—you just have to be willing to fight the cold.

The city is friendly and supportive of all people, and there are tons of festivals, fantastic restaurants and other ways to spend hard-earned student loans throughout the seasons. And did I mention cheap(ish) rent close to MacEwan?

There is plenty of work in Edmonton for students during the school year and, with a bit of digging and persistence, it’s possible to find paid internships.

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