Mount Saint Vincent: The inside scoop at a small, supportive school

Mt. St. Vincent.  Photograph by Andrew Tolson

Mount St. Vincent. Photograph by Andrew Tolson

Skye-Kathleen Bryden-Blom, 24

I want you to envision a small town, one of those places where the community is the heartbeat. I’m from such a place. As you can imagine, the thought of leaving this community behind for university filled me with anxiety. I can still recall the way my stomach would tighten and twist at the thought of this transition. I was afraid I’d disappear among the faceless masses. This, however, didn’t happen at the Mount.

MSVU is renowned for its small classes. I’ve been in lectures with as few as six students. This might not seem important, but—and you need to trust me on this—the size of your class has a huge impact on the overall quality of your education. There is a greater opportunity to succeed and to participate in class discussion, as your professors will know you by name and they will definitely notice if you skip a class. Don’t let this intimidate you, as you will also have their support. They will recognize your strengths and guide you through your degree and into the world beyond. At the Mount, you will find your voice and accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible.

Students should stop by the Mount’s fitness centre to give African drumming a try. They might even pick up some Latin dance moves or nutrition tips. Maybe they’d enjoy a drink with the English Society on a Martini Monday. They could catch a film with the history crowd. Students might also enjoy Campus Rec Night, which features indoor soccer during the cold winter months.

City Vibe
Sometimes I venture downtown simply to appreciate the view. A stroll along the harbourfront makes the trip into the city worthwhile. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Halifax is also rich in culture. There is the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and the Neptune Theatre. The Metro Centre and Symphony Nova Scotia meet the needs of music lovers. Shoppers overwhelm Spring Garden Road, while those who appreciate the outdoors wander Public Gardens and Point Pleasant Park. The city’s bars and pubs are also lively. In Halifax, there really is something for everyone.

The Skinny
The Coast ( keeps Haligonians up-to-date on current events and features the annual Best of Halifax Readers’ Choice Awards, which lists everything from the best retail sign to the best party venue in the city.