Nipissing: One student tells all

MACLEANS-NIPISSING UNIVERSITY-09.29.11-NORTH BAY, ONTARIO: Environmental studies students take tree and soil samples while researching resources directly on the Nipissing University campus in North Bay, Ontario.  Photograp by Cole Garside

Photograph by Cole Garside

Suzanne Desa, 22

Contrary to popular belief, Nipissing University is not as far north as the North Pole. A mere four-hour drive from Toronto, Nipissing is known for its beautiful forests, charming scenery and friendly faces. While our chilly fall, long winter and frigid spring are not the most desirable, what we lack in temperature we make up for in just about everything else. There are countless opportunities to get involved within our close-knit community of almost 6,000 students.

My favourite part about being a student at Nipissing is that, when I’m on campus, I see at least 10 familiar faces within a minute of walking into the school. The community here has allowed me to get involved in many events and activities, including: Residence Council, Frosh Week, the Nursing Society and the student union, all while maintaining a popular blog about my school life:

Looking back on my past three years at Nipissing, I couldn’t imagine choosing a different school. The nursing program offers a great combination of theory and hands-on practice, in co-operation with the North Bay Regional Health Centre, which is located just down the road from our campus. The friends I have made here and the impact they have had on me is irreplaceable. I often say I love my school more than I actually love my program—and I really love my program.

Nipissing University is home to a dedicated and passionate community. The vibe you get when you walk into Memorial Gardens for a Nipissing Lakers hockey game cannot be beat. But if you’re like me and not that interested in sports, there are still tons of clubs that are easy to join, covering everything from Pokemon and quidditch to Nerf guns and saving the planet. Each faculty is also represented by its own student society. I’ve been involved with the Nipissing University Nursing Society for three years, and have had the opportunity to help plan activities and get involved in the community.

City Vibe
North Bay is very much a university town. As soon as September arrives, the area is littered with “welcome back” signs and student discounts. North Bay is also full of beautiful architecture and breathtaking scenery. From the beauty of Lake Nipissing to the wondrous trails behind campus, the region constantly amazes. Whether you’re grabbing dinner at Cecil’s or viewing the remarkable art at the Line Gallery, students always feel they are part of the North Bay community.

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