Sherbrooke: The inside scoop

Université de Sherbrooke.  Sherbrooke, QC.  No Credit

Université de Sherbrooke. Sherbrooke, QC. No Credit

Laurie Marchand, 23

The Université de Sherbrooke wasn’t my first choice. I was interested in big cities, and I wanted to go to a huge university. Yet the co-op program at the U de S charmed me. Joining it allowed me to have three semesters of paid internship during the whole baccalaureate, which was a great way for me to gain both knowledge and practice in my chosen field. Also, as the university is not especially big, I found it easy to get involved in whatever group or association I wanted. I chose to be part of the student newspaper and, less than a year after joining, I became its editor-in-chief. On the side, I also do a bit of radio, as all the associations and groups are close to each other. In fact, even though I was hesitant to attend a school in the relatively small city of Sherbrooke, a few touches—such as the beautiful landscapes of the Eastern Townships—made both the picturesque university and its surrounding area easy to love.

The U de S is well-known for the co-op program that provides about 4,000 internships for students each year, with a 98 per cent placement rate in both private and public companies. Life on campus is another reason why students choose the institution. There are happy hours, football matches and tons of shows on the cozy campus. When the party starts at one spot, you can be sure it will continue somewhere else.

City Vibe
The city of Sherbrooke is quite small: There’s a mall, a mountain, rivers and a lake. But, nature aside, the best place to be is downtown. The neighbourhood is rich in both stories and life. The Wellington Street area, for instance, combines beautiful landscapes with trendy shops and restaurants. You can take a walk while tasting treats from a variety of amazing coffee shops, stop to look at the beautiful waterfalls and continue on to the Marché de la Gare, where you can skate just beside the lake. Finally, to have a real Sherbrookoise experience, you must have a beer at the Siboire brewery, which is located in the antique red-brick railway station.

The Skinny
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