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Vanier College

Vanier College | Montréal, Quebec | Founded 1970



For more than a decade, business administration students at Vanier College have been applying what they learn in the classroom, competing in Vanier’s BDC Case Challenge, a national marketing competition that is the largest college-level event of its kind in the country. Vanier is one of five English-language CEGEPs (collèges d’enseignement général et professionnel). CEGEPs are a unique type of institution in Quebec. They are publicly funded and serve as an intermediary between secondary and post-secondary education, typically offering pre-university courses, technical career programs, and general education courses.

Vanier offers two-year pre-university programs and three-year career programs in areas like industrial electronics, nursing, architectural technology, and early childhood education. After completing a three-year technical program, a Vanier grad can choose to enter the workforce or opt for further education at a university, in many cases with advanced standing.

 Vanier’s pre-university music department has produced graduates like singer-songwriter Patrick Watson, and its athletics program has produced a number of professional football and basketball players.


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