Western University

Western University | London, Ont. | Founded 1878

Western University aerial campus shot

(Western University)

Built along the banks of the Thames River in the “forest city” of London, Ont., Western is one of the largest universities in the province. With more than 400 academic programs, 200 courses to choose from in first year alone and almost 200 student clubs, it is more than just a regional powerhouse; increasingly, the school is building international recognition. With research collaborations on every continent, Western is actively engaged internationally.

“We are in competition with universities around the world to attract the best students and faculty and to provide the best international learning opportunities,” says Amit Chakma, who is wrapping up 10 years as president. (Alan Shepard takes on the post this summer.) “We’ve made it our mission to educate global citizens, lead innovation and build our economy at home. Partnering with institutions abroad plays an essential part in accomplishing our goals.”

The campus’s traditional charm is mashed up with modern elements, such as the stone-and-glass home of the renowned Ivey Business School. Downtown London, just a quick bus ride away, provides plenty of entertainment on the weekends in this vibrant, mid-sized city. Drawing on its 300,000 alumni worldwide, Western boasts one of the largest homecoming weekends in Canada.

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Standout Programs
Arts & Humanities and Honours Business Administration: A five-year program that combines an arts and business education to prepare students for a wide variety of careers in such areas as entertainment, publishing, art, travel, fashion, finance and tech.
• Western Integrated Science: Provides students with skills to tackle global issues like climate change, world hunger and alternative energy from multiple scientific disciplines.
• Integrated Engineering and Law: Students in this six-year program earn a bachelor of engineering science and Juris Doctor, gaining the legal and engineering knowledge and skills to address both industry demands and societal problems.

Cool Courses
The Search for Life in the Universe: Examines current scientific thinking on the possibility of extraterrestrial life and intelligence, as well as focusing on the search for life on other planets and the origins of life on Earth.
• Strategic Management: Students can travel to Hong Kong to take this course in a two-week format; includes a mentorship program with alumni working in Hong Kong.

Minimum Entering Grades
Arts: 83.5% · Science: 86% · Commerce: 88.5% · Engineering: 87%
Student Body
Undergraduates: Full-time: 28,843 ·
Part-time: 2,273
Graduates: Full-time: 6,025 · Part-time: 414
International Students: First-year: 12.5% ·
Graduate: 23.1%
Male-Female Ratio: 44 to 56
Residence Spaces
7,210 (5,487 reserved for first-year students)
Residence Costs
Double room with meals: $12,240 to $14,240 · Single room with meals: $13,040 to $14,990 · Single room without meals: $7,790 to $9,170 · Apartment-style: $7,790 to $9,170

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