10 things the Littlest Hobo did that a dog shouldn’t be able to do

Can Lassie do this? Didn't think so.


The Littlest Hobo proved heroic Canadian dogs are cooler than anyone else’s. Can Lassie do this?

1. Deliver antidote to a poisoned child via parachute (“Smoke”).

2. Help a Russian ballerina defect from the commies (“The Defector”).

3. Prove the Sasquatch was a guy in a gorilla suit (“The Secret of Red Hill”).

4. Steal a painting from a mafia boss’s safe (“Big Al and Sam Strawberry”).

5. Convince the estranged parents of a hospitalized boy to get back together (“The Pied Piper”).

6. Expose a con artist by finding a relevant newspaper article about him, something even journalists have trouble doing (“Fast Freddie”).

7. Break an evil therapist’s hypnotic spell on a supermodel, thereby foiling a dastardly plot to let another girl get her modelling job (“Mystique”).

8. Transfer a cache of Second World War munitions to a safe place before it blows up a field full of cute kids (“Pandora”).

9. Save Megan Follows (the future Anne of Green Gables) from a poisonous snake, electrified car and earthquake (“The Spirit of Thunder Rock”).

10. Deliver a woman’s baby (“Back to Nature”).

Originally published in Maclean’s Book of Lists, Volume 1 (2012)