15 ways to help India during the devastating second wave of COVID-19

Where you can donate to provide PPE, food and oxygen in India as it faces a dangerous surge in cases
TOPSHOT - A Covid-19 cornavirus patient is shifted to a ward after being admitted at the GTB hospital in New Delhi on April 29, 2021. (Photo by Prakash SINGH / AFP) (Photo by PRAKASH SINGH/AFP via Getty Images)
TOPSHOT - A Covid-19 cornavirus patient is shifted to a ward after being admitted at the GTB hospital in New Delhi on April 29, 2021. (Photo by Prakash SINGH / AFP) (Photo by PRAKASH SINGH/AFP via Getty Images)

Total COVID-19 cases in India have now surpassed 18 million while daily deaths jumped by 3,498 over the last 24 hours as the country’s deep crisis worsened. Public health experts say those figures are likely underreported, possibly up to a factor of 10, as the pandemic’s second wave overwhelms the health care system; hospitals are reporting a dire shortage of beds, medicine and tragically, oxygen. Foreign aid, including ventilators and oxygen concentrators, have started arriving in the country, but so much is needed, so urgently. Here are 15 places you can donate:

Medical aid

CARE India

The charity is fundraising to provide PPE and medical equipment to hospitals. They’re also setting up temporary hospitals and care centres. The first one, which has 100 beds, started operating on April 27. Donate here.

One Billion Literates’ COVID care centre

One Billion Literates Foundation is a charity fundraising to create a care centre for those ill with COVID to isolate and receive treatment in Jigani, a city in South Bengaluru. The 50-bed centre would run for three months. Donate here.

Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations that will go to support the Indian Red Cross in assisting affected communities. Donate here.


Feeding From Far

This charity effort is fundraising to donate meals to the poor during the latest lockdown in Mumbai. Donate here.


This U.S. based charity is collecting disaster relief funds and partnering with local charities like Save the Children India, Goonj and more to provide help where it’s needed the most in the form of cooked meals and cash for marginalized families. Donate here.


Give India

Give India is accepting donations that will go towards boosting oxygen supply, providing food for the hungry and cash to those whose family members have died of COVID. Donate here.

Desai Foundation

The Desai Foundation has been helping open isolation centres and providing supplies, including ventilators and oxygen concentrators to the states of Gujarat and particularly hard-hit Maharashtra. Donate here.

IMANA’s Help India Breathe

The Islamic Medical Association of North America is working with local hospitals in India to deliver supplies like oxygen delivery systems. Donate here.

Mission Oxygen

Run by charity Democracy People Foundation, Mission Oxygen is delivering oxygen concentrators across Delhi. Donate here.

Uday Foundation

The New Delhi-based charity is raising money to provide 500 oxygen concentrators across Northern India. Donate here.

Islamic Relief Canada

With UNICEF, Islamic Relief Canada is collecting funds to donate oxygen and vaccines to those in need during the COVID crisis in India. Donate here.

A volunteer team of tech CEOs from Canada and U.S. have come together to raise money for oxygen concentrators to send to India. Donate here.

Oxygen for Everyone

Tech entrepreneurs in India’s startup sphere make up ACT Grants, which is collecting funds to distribute oxygen across Canada. Donate here.

Sewa International

Nonprofit Sewa International USA is raising money to acquire oxygen concentrators and ship them to India. They’ve already raised more than $7 million. Donate here.

AID India

Association for India’s Development’s COVID-19 Relief Fund is going towards procuring oxygen supplies as well as putting together kits full of food, sanitizers, masks and more. Donate here.