8 canoe and kayak patents from Canada

Where Canadian innovation meets the lake


There are roughly 150 patents related to canoes and kayaks in Canada. Here are a few of them:

1. Heated canoe paddle shaft (2009): “The pads are powered by a 12.8-14.4 Vdc 3200 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery source.”

2. Outboard seat (2002): “The outboard seat allows an operator to sit outboard of the river craft with feet on the bottom of a river or lake.”

3. Slamming-resistant sonar dome canoe (1979): “A sonar dome canoe which is both lightweight and robust to resist slamming damage.”

4. Packsack canoe (2001): “This canoe can be made different sizes.”

5. Pedal propulsion system (2010): “This invention relates to a pedal propulsion system for powering a transportation conveyance . . . such as a canoe.”

6. Folding Kayak (2003): “A collapsible boat comprising forward and aft hull sections.”

7. Paddlebow (2009): “This invention allows its user to integrate archery or hunting with recreational kayaking.”

Combined canoe carrier and chair (1994): “The carrier supports an inverted canoe on a person’s back and is also capable of being converted to a folding camp chair”