Give doctors a capital gains tax break

Why Doctors Need a Capital Gains Tax Break

A tweak to the government’s controversial new tax legislation would encourage more Canadian physicians to stick around
Divorce party celebration

I Threw Myself a Divorce Party

I invited my family, friends and a scantily clad male bartender—and finally got closure

The War Over Safe Drug Supply in Vancouver

Two activists gave away untainted heroin, cocaine and meth . They say they saved lives. The federal government says they’re drug traffickers.
Wildfires BC 20210709

I Watched My Hometown Burn to the Ground

Three years after a fire wiped out Lytton, B.C., locals are just starting to rebuild their lives

The New Arrivals

Over the past two years, Canada has welcomed a record number of immigrants. Here are some of their stories.
Sustainable aviation fuel

Big Idea: Take Green Fuel to the Skies

Food waste, cooking oil and landfill debris will power our future air travel
Artificial Intelligence hardware concept. Glowing cloud brain and coding hologram on blurry city background. Big data processing, ai trading, machine learning, technology background. Double exposure.

I Solved My Family’s Scheduling Burnout—With Tech

More parents are using Slack, GCal and other apps to manage their overstuffed lives

How Flygreen Optimizes Travel for Peak Performance in Sports

Travel hacks for athletes to arrive competition-ready

When Asylum Seekers Have Nowhere To Go

Thousands of refugees live in shelters, hotels and on the streets of Canada’s largest cities. How the country is struggling to cope with a massive surge in global asylum seekers.